Section 34 Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881


Section 34 Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 in Hindi and English 

Section 34 Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 :Where there are several drawees of a bill of exchange who are not partners, each of them can accept it for himself, but none of them can accept it for another without his authority.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Case Law Related to Section 34 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 :

P. Mohanraj vs M/S. Shah Brothers Ispat Pvt. Ltd. on 1 March, 2021

Raj Kumar Khurana vs State Of (Nct Of Delhi) & Anr on 5 May, 2009

Dinesh B. Patel & Ors vs State Of Gujarat & Anr on 6 August, 2010

S.M.S. Pharmaceuticals Ltd vs Neeta Bhalla And Anr on 20 September, 2005

Hdfc Securities Ltd.& Ors vs State Of Maharashtra & Anr on 9 December, 2016

Prakash Gupta vs Securities And Exchange Board Of on 23 July, 2021

M/S. Econ Antri Ltd vs M/S. Rom Industries Ltd. & Anr on 26 August, 2013

परक्राम्य लिखत अधिनियम, 1881 की धारा 34 का विवरण :  -  जहाँ कि विनिमय-पत्र के अनेक ऐसे ऊपरवाल हैं, जो भागीदार नहीं हैं, वहाँ उनमें से हर एक उसे अपने लिए प्रतिगृहीत कर सकता है किन्तु उनमें से कोई भी उसे किसी दूसरे के लिए उसके प्राधिकार के बिना प्रतिगृहीत नहीं कर सकता ।

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