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 Legal News Updates  Bar Council of India to file an application in Supreme Court of India for mandatory minimum 3 year practice for the law graduates in the bar to be considered eligible for Judicial Service Exam . BCI in the press release said " Judicial Officers without any practical experience of court are incapable and inept in handling matters and delivering justice ".  Tamil Nadu Advocates Association urges the government and Supreme Court to include lawyers and judges in the priority list of COVID - 19 Vaccination in the first phase .  The Supreme Court has registered a suo moto complaint on the basis of an open letter written by the students of Panjab University to examine the attacks on the farmers protesting against the Farm Law by Police and Para Military Forces .  Petition filed in Delhi High Court for the release of Under Trial Prisoners who have spent half of their maximum sentence in lower offence . This plea has been filed by India Under Trial Support Forum t

Contempt of Court

 Contempt of Court In the recent set of activities you must be familiar with the phrase "Contempt of Court" whether it be the case of Social Activist and Lawyer Prashant Bhushan or a stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra . Prashant Bhushan was charged with the Criminal Contempt of Court in a suo-moto proceeding initiated by Supreme court of India for two of his tweets . In one of his tweets he claimed Supreme Court of India is responsible for the destruction of democracy and in the other one he commented on the photo of Chief Justice of India riding a bike without a helmet and mask while the Supreme Court of India is in lockdown mode . He was imposed with a fine of Rs.1 by the Supreme Court of India for his tweets which were scandalous to the Supreme Court and held that if the actions were not taken in such cases it would affect the national honor and prestige in the comity of nations .  In order to understand what is Contempt of Court we need to look into the Contempt of Court Act ,

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 Legal Updates - Four High Court Judges appointed as Judicial members of National Green Tribunal (NGT) . Retired Justice Brijesh Sethi of Delhi High Court , retired Justice Sudhir Agarwal of Allahbad High Court, Justice B Amit Sthalekar of  Allahbad High Court , Justice M Sathyanarayanan of Madras High Court have been appointed for 4 years or till they attain the age of 65 years , whichever is earlier .  Kerela High Court increases the daliy number of Pilgrims at Sabarimala Temple to 5000 .  Advocate General Vivek Kohli of Sikkim High Court designated as Senior Advocate under section 16 (2) of Advocates Act , 1961 . Delhi court shuts the case of criminal defamation after Indian National Congress Leader Jairam Ramesh apologizes to Vivek Doval son of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval .  Mumbai Court orders Juhu Police to probe in the case of Criminal Defamation filed by Javed Akhtar against Kangna Ranaut . 

100 Questions on Indian Constitution for UPSC 2020 Pre Exam

100 MCQ's on Constitution of India:-  1. The Governor of a State is appointed by the President on the advice of the (a) Prime Minister (b) Vice- President (c) Chief Minister (d) Chief Justice Answer: Prime Minister 2. The President gives his resignation to the (a) Chief Justice (b) Parliament (c) Vice President (d) Prime Minister Answer: Vice President 3. For what period does the Vice President of India hold office ? (a) 5 years (b) Till the age of 65 years (c) 6 years (d) 2 years Answer: 5 years 4. Who among the following holds office during the pleasure of the President ? (a) Governor (b) Election Commissioner (c) Speaker of Lok Sabha (d) Prime Minister Answer: Governor 5. Which of the following is not true regarding the payment of the emoluments of the President ? (a) They can be reduced during a Financial Emergency. (b) They are shown separately in the budget. (c) They are charged on the Contigency Fund of India. (d) They do not require any parliament sanction. Answer: They are

Indian Constitution - Quiz 4

 Indian Constitution Quiz 4 - Some questions related to Indian Constitution Loading… Constitution of India Questions and Answers for competitive examinations

First Female in India - Indian Constitution Quiz 3

 Indian Constitution Quiz 3 - First Female in India or Woman were first to do something in various fields. Questions in this Quiz about Indian Women are as following ...  India’s First Woman Prime Minister India’s First Woman President First Woman President of INC India’s First Woman Governor First Woman Judge of Supreme Court First Indian Woman to get Bharat Ratna First Woman Lok Sabha Speaker First Woman Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha First Woman High Court Judge in India First Woman High Court Chief Justice in India Here you go.. Just assess how much you score on these questions.... Loading…  Indian Constitution Quiz 3 - First Female in India 

Indian Constitution Quiz 2 | Constitution of India Questions and Answers

 Indian Constitution Quiz 2 | Constitution of India Questions and Answers Here in this post there are total 5 questions related to Indian constitution and Indian Legal History. If you are preparing for some govt jobs / UPSC / SPSC / SSC etc or you are a student of law or alert Indian Citizen you must know and try this quiz. Even if you are a school going student or attending university or professor or retired person you can enjoy this short quiz of 5 questions related to Samvidhan / Indian Constitution and Legal History of India. Who among the following was the first chief Justice of India and assumed office on 26th Jan. 1950 ? Which Constitutional Article lays down the provision for a National Commission for SC and ST ? The Constitution of India, was drafted and enacted in which language ? National Commission for SC and ST shall be made by which constitutional institution ? Which Constitutional Article defines the Panchayat Raj ? Loading… Indian Constitution Quiz 2 | Const