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List of Books related to Indian Constitution and other legal books

I was wondering whether people are just reading the course books of Indian Constitution and specially Bare Constitution of India or general books about the mother statute like Making of Constitution, Transformative Constitution, People's Constitution, Cornerstone of a Nation, Working of a Democracy etc. Here I will keep updating the list of Books and I would like to write some words about these books. Currently I am reading People's Constitution by Rohit De. It is a wonderful book about the contribution of laymen in evolution of Indian Constitutional Law.

Article 370 dead as dodo

Article 370 dead as dodo A temporary article of Indian Constitution which people of India always wanted to be removed has been finally altered in such a way that supremacy of Indian Constitution has been restored. Article which was placed in the part 21 of the constitution named originally "temporary and transitional provisions" was having marginal note of "temporary provision" but survived for more than 7 decades and hijacked the power of parliament due to its provisions. While President of India under oath bound to preserve, protect and defend the Indian Constitution but some controversial exception, modification and addition were done through the Presidential Order 1954 as applicable to Jammu and Kashmir. Now as the Supremacy of Indian Constitution has been restored by President as per the resolution of Indian Parliament so article 370 as an impediment to "One Nation, one Constitution" goes away. Days after the issuance of an order that effe