Section 218 Contract Act 1872

 Section 218 Contract Act 1872 in Hindi and English 

Section 218 Contract Act 1872 :Agent's duty to pay sums received for principal — Subject to such deductions, the agent is bound to pay to his principal all sums received on his account.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Case Law Related to Section 218 of Contract Act 1872 :

Shivram Govind Darshane vs Viswanath Govind Darshane on 28 September, 1955

Bombay High Court 

State Of Bihar vs Simranjit Singh on 11 November, 1986

Patna High Court 

Firm Murlidhar Banwarilal vs Firm Kishorelal Jagannath Prasad on 2 December, 1959

Rajasthan High Court 

Lala Sheo Ghulam vs Salik Ram on 17 April, 1924

Allahabad High Court 

Commissioner Of Income-Tax vs Chowringhee Sales Bureau Private on 18 June, 1968

Calcutta High Court 

Commissioner Of Income-Tax West vs Chowringhee Sales Bureau P. Ltd. on 18 June, 1968

Calcutta High Court 

W.R. Fink vs Buldeo Dass And Ors. on 15 May, 1899

Calcutta High Court 

National Shipping Company Of vs Sentrans Industries Limited on 12 January, 2004

Bombay High Court 

Sri Siddalingeshwara Adike vs State Of Karnataka on 4 August, 1986

Karnataka High Court 

Venkatachalam Chetty vs A.N.R.M. Narayanan Chetty And Six on 15 December, 1914

Madras High Court 

भारतीय संविदा अधिनियम, 1872 की धारा 218 का विवरण :  -  मालिक के निमित्त प्राप्त राशियों के संदाय का अभिकर्ता का कर्तव्य -- ऐसी कटौतियों के अध्यधीन अभिकर्ता मालिक की उन सब राशियों को संदाय करने के लिए आबद्ध है जो मालिक के लेखे उसे प्राप्त हुई हों।

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