The President Board of Secondary Education, Orissa vs D. Suvankar

 The President Board of Secondary Education, Orissa & Anr vs D. Suvankar - Supreme Court Case Summary of Leading Case -

On 14th November, 2006, a two Judges Bench in The President Board of Secondary Education, Orissa & Anr vs D. Suvankar & Anr [Civil Appeal No. 4926 of 2006] held that the Appellant-Board had a “bounden duty to select such persons as Examiners who have the capacity, capability to make valuation and they should be really equipped for the job.” 

“Otherwise, the very purpose of evaluation of answer papers would be frustrated”, the Bench said.

Holding that “nothing should be left to show even an apprehension about lack of fair assessment”, the Bench further added that “care should be taken to see that the Examiners who have been appointed for a particular subject belong to the same faculty. It would be a mockery of the system of valuation if a teacher belonging to Arts stream is asked to evaluate answer papers of Science stream.”

Observing that additional steps should be taken for assessing the capacity of a teacher before he is appointed as an Examiner, the Bench held that for this purpose, “the Board may constitute a Body of Experts to interview the persons who intend to be appointed as Examiners.”

“This process is certainly time-consuming but it would further the ends for which the examinations are held”, the Bench said.

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