Noble Resources Ltd. vs State of Orissa - Supreme Court Case

 Noble Resources Ltd. vs State of Orissa - Supreme Court Case Summary of Leading Case - 

On 13th September, 2006, a two Judge Bench in Noble Resources Ltd. vs State of Orissa & Anr. [Civil Appeal No.4108 of 2006] while examining the issue of maintainability of writ petition in a contractual matter held that “contractual matters are not beyond the realm of judicial review. Its application may, however, be limited.”

The Bench held “ordinarily, a specific performance of contract would not be enforced by issuing a writ of or in the nature of mandamus, particularly when keeping in view the provisions of the Specific Relief Act, 1963 damages may be an adequate remedy for breach of contract”. It further held that “where serious disputed questions of fact are raised requiring appreciation of evidence, and, thus, for determination thereof, examination of witnesses would be necessary; it may not be convenient to decide the dispute in a proceeding under Article 226 of the Constitution.”

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