Minor Sunil Oraon Tr. Guardian vs C.B.S.E. - Supreme Court Case

 Minor Sunil Oraon Tr. Guardian & Ors vs C.B.S.E. - Supreme Court Case Summary of Leading Case -

On 13th November 2006, a two Judges Bench in Minor Sunil Oraon Tr. Guardian & Ors vs C.B.S.E. & Ors. [Civil Appeal No.4908 of 2006] while dealing with a prayer for direction to Respondent-Board to permit students of an un-affiliated school to appear at the examination conducted by the Board, observed that time and again, the Supreme Court had “deprecated the practice of educational institutions admitting the students without requisite recognition or affiliation”. Further observing that “in all such cases the usual plea is the career of innocent children who have fallen in the hands of the mischievous designated school authorities”, the Bench held that “though the ultimate victims are innocent students that cannot be a ground for granting relief.”

Inasmuch as in the instant case, the students had suffered because of the objectionable conduct of the concerned school, which showed scant regards to the requirements for affiliation and non-challantly continued the violations even after filing undertakings, the Bench left it open to the students to seek such remedy against the school as available in law.

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