Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board Case

 Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board vs Sri C. Kenchappa - Important Supreme Court Cases 2006

On 12th May, 2006, a two Judges Bench in Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board vs Sri C. Kenchappa & Ors. [Civil Appeal No.7405 of 2000] asked the Appellant-Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board “to insist on conditions emanating from the priniciple of ‘sustainable development”.

The Bench explained that “sustainable development means a development which can be sustained by nature with or without mitigation. In other words, it is to maintain delicate balance between industrialization and ecology.” It said that “while development of industry is essential for the growth of economy, at the same time, the environment and the ecosystem are required to be protected” and that “in order to protect sustainable development, it is necessary to implement and enforce some of its main components and ingredients such as - Precautionary Principle, Polluter Pays and Public Trust Doctrine.”

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