Section 416 CrPC

 Section 416 CrPC in Hindi and English

Section 416 of CrPC 1973 :- 416. Postponement of capital sentence on pregnant woman —

If a woman sentenced to death is found to be pregnant, the High Court shall commute the sentence to imprisonment for life.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Case Law Related to Section 416 of Criminal Procedure Code 1973:

Empress Of India vs Nilambar Babu on 21 April, 1879

Allahabad High Court 

Bharatsingh vs State Of Maharashtra on 22 April, 1996

Bombay High Court 

Balakrishnan @ Parthe Baskar vs The Inspector Of Police on 18 March, 2011

Madras High Court 

State vs Dilla Ram And Ors. on 25 July, 1975

Himachal Pradesh High Court

Kariyappa vs K.R. Baig, on 9 December, 2020

Karnataka High Court 

Ramesh Cardiac Multi Speciality vs Musunuri Satyanarayana on 10 July, 2019

Andhra Pradesh High Court 

T.Ramesh Babu vs K.Raju Gopal Reddy on 22 November, 2019

Andhra Pradesh High Court 

P Muniraju vs M/S Muneshwara Financiers on 25 July, 2016

Karnataka High Court 

Sri. Chidananda vs State Of Karnataka By on 4 September, 2018

Karnataka High Court 

Sri. Kodi Nagesh Kamath vs State Of Karnataka on 28 June, 2018

Karnataka High Court 

दंड प्रक्रिया संहिता 1973 की धारा 416 का विवरण :  -  416. गर्भवती स्त्री को मृत्यु दण्ड का मुल्तवी किया जाना --

यदि वह स्त्री, जिसे मृत्यु दण्डादेश दिया गया है, गर्भवती पाई जाती है तो उच्च न्यायालय दण्डादेश का आजीवन कारावास के रूप में लघुकरण कर सकेगा।

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