Section 65A Indian Evidence Act 1872


Section 65A Indian Evidence Act 1872 in Hindi and English 

Section 65A Evidence Act 1872 :Special provisions as to evidence relating to electronic record -- The contents of electronic records may be proved in accordance with the provisions of section 65-B.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Case Law Related to Section 65A Indian Evidence Act 1872:

Arjun Panditrao Khotkar vs Kailash Kushanrao Gorantyal on 14 July, 2020

Anvar P.V vs P.K.Basheer & Ors on 18 September, 2014

Shafhi Mohammad vs The State Of Himachal Pradesh on 30 January, 2018

Sonu @ Amar vs State Of Haryana on 18 July, 2017

Tomaso Bruno & Anr vs State Of U.P on 20 January, 2015

State (N.C.T. Of Delhi) vs Navjot Sandhu@ Afsan Guru on 4 August, 2005

In Re vs Indian Woman Says Gang-Raped On on 28 March, 1947

State By Karnataka Lokayukta vs M. R. Hiremath on 1 May, 2019

Central Bureau Of Investigation vs Mohd.Parvez Abdul Kayuum on 5 July, 2019

Vikram Singh @Vicky Walia vs The State Of Punjab on 7 July, 2017

भारतीय साक्ष्य अधिनियम, 1872 की धारा 65-क का विवरण :  -  इलेक्ट्रानिक अभिलेख से संबंधित साक्ष्य के बारे में विशेष उपबंध -- इलेक्ट्रानिक अभिलेख की अंतर्वस्तु धारा 65-ख के उपबंधों के अनुसार साबित की जा सकेगी।

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