Section 194 CrPC


Section 194 CrPC in Hindi and English

Section 194 of CrPC 1973 :- 194. Additional and Assistant Sessions Judges to try cases made over to them - An Additional Sessions Judge or Assistant Sessions Judge shall try such cases as the Sessions Judge of the division may, by general or special order, make over to him for trial or as the High Court may, by special order, direct him to try.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Case Law Related to Section 194 of Criminal Procedure Code 1973:

State Of Karnataka vs Kuppuswamy Gownder on 16 February, 1987

Kehar Singh & Ors vs State (Delhi Admn.) on 3 August, 1988

State Of Karnataka vs Muniyalla on 12 November, 1984

Kamlapati Trivedi vs State Of West Bengal on 13 December, 1978

Essar Teleholdings Ltd vs Regr.Gen.Delhi High Court & Ors on 1 July, 2013

Ajay Singh And Anr And Etc vs State Of Chhattisgarh And Anr on 6 January, 2017

Essar Teleholdings Ltd vs Cbi on 29 September, 2015

Lalta And Ors vs State Of Uttar Pradesh on 25 October, 1968

दंड प्रक्रिया संहिता 1973 की धारा 194 का विवरण :  -  194. अपर और सहायक सेशन न्यायाधीशों को हवाले किए गए मामलों पर उनके द्वारा विचारण -- अपर सेशन न्यायाधीश या सहायक सेशन न्यायाधीश ऐसे मामलों का विचारण करेगा जिन्हें विचारण के लिए उस खण्ड का सेशन न्यायाधीश साधारण या विशेष आदेश द्वारा उसके हवाले करता है या जिनका विचारण करने के लिये उच्च न्यायालय विशेष आदेश द्वारा उसे निदेश देता है।

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