Section 2 Indian Evidence Act 1872

Section 2 Indian Evidence Act 1872 in Hindi and English

Section 2 Evidence Act 1872 :[Repeal of enactments] Repealed by the Repealing Act, 1938 (1 of 1938) section 2 and Schedule.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Case Law Related to Section 2 Indian Evidence Act 1872:

Behram Khurshed Pesikaka vs The State Of Bombay on 24 September, 1954

Behram Khurshed Pesikaka vs The State Of Bombay.Reference on 19 February, 1954

Hari Ram vs State Of Rajasthan & Anr on 5 May, 2009

Biswambhar Singh vs The State Of Orissa And on 18 December, 1953

S.P. Gupta vs Union Of India & Anr on 30 December, 1981

S.P. Gupta vs President Of India And Ors. on 30 December, 1981

Raj Kumar Karwal vs Union Of India And Ors.Withkirpal on 21 March, 1990

Additional District Magistrate, vs S. S. Shukla Etc. Etc on 28 April, 1976

Mobarik Ali Ahmed vs The State Of Bombay on 6 September, 1957

Konda Lakshmana Bapuji vs Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh & Ors on 29 January, 2002

भारतीय साक्ष्य अधिनियम, 1872 की धारा 2 का विवरण :  -  [अधिनियमितियों का निरसन] निरसन अधिनियम, 1938 (1938 का 1) की धारा 2 और अनुसूची द्वारा निरसित।

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