Section 117 The Trade Marks Act, 1999


Section 117 The Trade Marks Act, 1999: 

Costs of defence or prosecution.—In any prosecution under this Act, the court may order such costs to be paid by the accused to the complainant, or by the complainant to the accused, as the court deems reasonable having regard to all the circumstances of the case and the conduct of the parties and the costs so awarded shall be recoverable as if they were a fine.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Leading Case Law Related to Section 117 The Trade Marks Act, 1999: 

Paras Industries vs Commissioner Of Customs on 21 December, 2005

Customs, Excise and Gold

Item No. (Cav) vs The State Of West Bengal on 7 November, 2013

Calcutta High Court (Appellete Side) 

Kailash Chand Gupta vs State Of Rajasthan And Anr. on 20 February, 2002

Rajasthan High Court 

Rajan Behl vs The State (Delhi Admn.) on 18 May, 2010

Delhi District Court 

Cc, New Delhi vs M/S S.M. Exports on 19 April, 2012

Custom, Excise & Service Tax Tribunal 

Dhaval Diyora vs Union Of India And Ors on 5 November, 2020

Bombay High Court 

Jas International vs Nhava Sheva on 10 September, 2015

Custom, Excise & Service Tax Tribunal 

Revision vs Unknown

Kerala High Court 

Nasik Hing Supplying Company vs Annapurna Gruh Udyog Bhandar on 4 March, 2003

Gujarat High Court 

Qazi Shabbir Mustafa And Arif Haji  vs Commissioner Of Customs on 19 March, 2004

Customs, Excise and Gold Tribunal - Mumbai Cites 

व्यापार चिह्न अधिनियम, 1999 की धारा 117 का विवरण : 

प्रतिवाद या अभियोजन का खर्च-इस अधिनियम के अधीन किसी अभियोजन में, न्यायालय अभियुक्त द्वारा परिवादी को या परिवादी द्वारा अभियुक्त को ऐसे खर्चे का संदाय करने का आदेश दे सकेगा जिन्हें न्यायालय मामले की समस्त परिस्थितियों और पक्षकारों के आचरण पर ध्यान देते हुए, युक्तियुक्त समझे और इस प्रकार अधिनिर्णीत खर्च ऐसे वसूल किया जाएगा मानो यह जुर्माना है ।

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