Section 34 Arms Act, 1950

 Section 34 Arms Act, 1950: 

 Offences in relation to the enemy and punishable with death. Any person subject to this Act

who commits any of the following offences, that is to say,-

(a) shamefully abandons or delivers up any garrison, fortress, post, place or guard, committed to his

charge, or which

it is his duty to defend, or uses any means to compel or induce any commanding officer or other

person to commit any of the said acts; or

(b) intentionally uses any means to compel or induce any person subject to military, naval or air force

law to abstain from acting against the enemy, or to discourage such person from acting against the

enemy; or

(c) in the presence of the enemy, shamefully casts away his arms, ammunition, tools or equipment or

misbehaves in such manner as to show cowardice; or

(d) treacherously holds correspondence with, or communicates intelligence to, the enemy or any

person in arms against the Union; or

(e) directly or indirectly assists the enemy with money, arms., ammunition, stores or supplies; or

(f) treacherously or through cowardice sends a flag of truce to the enemy; or

(g) in time of war or during any military operation, intentionally occasions a false alarm in action, camp,

garrison or quarters, or spreads reports calculated to create alarm or despondency; or

(h) in time of action leaves his commanding officer or his post, guard, picquet, patrol or party without

being regularly relieved or without leave; or

(i) having been made a prisoner of war, voluntarily serves with or aids the enemy; or

(j) knowingly harbours or protects an enemy not being a prisoner; or

(k) being a sentry in time of war or alarm, sleeps upon his post or is intoxicated; or

(l) knowingly does any act calculated to imperil the success of the military, naval or air forces of India

or any forces co- operating therewith or any part of such forces; shall, on conviction by court- martial,

be liable to suffer death or such less punishment as is in this Act mentioned.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Leading Case Law Related to Section 34 Arms Act, 1950:  Not Yet Available

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