Section 7 Press And Registration Of Books Act, 1867


Section 7 Press And Registration Of Books Act, 1867: 

 Office copy of declaration to be prima facie evidence.—In any legal proceeding whatever, as well civil as criminal, the production of a copy of such declaration as is aforesaid, attested by the seal of some Court empowered by this Act to have the custody of such declarations, 1[or, in the case of the editor, a copy of the newspaper containing his name printed on it as that of the editor] shall be held (unless the contrary be proved) to be suficient evidence, as against the person whose name shall be subscribed to such declaration, 1[or printed on such newspaper, as the case may be] that the said person was printer or publisher, or printer and publisher (according as the words of the said declaration may be) of every portion of every 2[newspaper] whereof the title shall correspond with the title of the 2[newspaper] mentioned in the declaration, 5[or the editor of every portion of that issue of the newspaper of which a copy is produced

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Leading Case Law Related to Section 7  Press And Registration Of Books Act, 1867:  

K.M. Mathew vs K.A. Abraham & Ors on 23 August, 2002

Gambhirsinh R.Dekare vs Falgunbhai Chimanbhai Patel & Anr on 11 March, 2013

K.M. Mathew vs State Of Kerala And Anr on 19 November, 1991

State Of Maharashtra vs Dr. R. B. Chowdhary & 2 Ors on 19 April, 1967

Narasingh Charan Mohanty vs Surendra Mohanty on 12 October, 1973

D. P. Mishra vs Kamal Narain Sharma & Ors on 18 December, 1970

Mohammed Abdulla Khan vs Prakash K. on 4 December, 2017

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