Section 27 Cattle Trespass Act, 1871


Section 27 Cattle Trespass Act, 1871: 

Jurisdiction in the case of juveniles. Any offence not punishable with death or imprisonment for life, committed by any person who at the date when he appears or is brought before the Court is under the age of sixteen years, may be tried by the Court of a Chief Judicial Magistrate, or by any Court specially empowered under the Children Act, 1960 (60 of 1960 ), or any other law for the time being in force providing for the treatment, training and rehabilitation of youthful offenders.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Leading Case Law Related to Section 27 Cattle Trespass Act, 1871:

Raghbir vs State Of Haryana on 8 September, 1981

Ram Deo Chauhan @ Raj Nath vs State Of Assam on 10 May, 2001

Ram Deo Chauhan @ Raj Nath vs State Of Assam on 10 May, 2001

The State Of Tamil Nadu vs K. Shobana Etc. Etc. on 5 March, 2021

M.R. Patil & Anr vs The Member, Industrial Court & Anr on 1 April, 1997

Goondla Venkateswarlu vs State Of A.P. & Anr on 25 August, 2008

Anna Reddy Sambasiva Reddy & Ors vs State Of Andhra Pradesh on 21 April, 2009

Kuldip Singh vs The State Of Punjab And Another on 15 February, 1956

Sartaj Singh vs The State Of Haryana on 15 March, 2021

Sheonath Prasad & Ors vs State Of Bihar on 30 April, 1968

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