Section 186 IPC in Hindi and English

 Section 186 IPC in Hindi and English

Section 186 of IPC 1860:-Obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions -

Whoever voluntarily obstructs any public servant in the discharge of his public functions, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees, or with both.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Case Law Related to Section 186 of Indian Penal Code 1860:

Durgacharan Naik And Ors vs State Of Orissa on 23 February, 1966

Sunil Gupta And Ors vs State Of Madhya Pradesh And Ors on 2 May, 1990

Santosh Kumar Jain vs The State.Union Of on 5 March, 1951

Madan Gope vs The State Of West Bengal on 12 February, 1975

K. Chandrasekhar, Mariam vs The State Of Kerala & Ors on 29 April, 1998

State Rep. By D.S.P. vs K.V. Rajendran & Ors on 2 September, 2008

Pandit Ukha Kolhe vs The State Of Maharashtra on 11 February, 1963

Jakia Nasim Ahesan & Anr vs State Of Gujarat & Ors on 12 September, 2011

Collector Of Customs And Central vs Paradip Port Trust And Anr on 8 August, 1990

Delhi Development Authority And  vs Uee Electrical Engg. (P) Ltd. And  on 19 March, 2004

आईपीसी, 1860 (भारतीय दंड संहिता) की धारा 186 का विवरण -लोक-सेवक के लोक-कृत्यों के निर्वहन में बाधा डालना -

जो कोई किसी लोक-सेवक के लोक कृत्यों के निर्वहन में स्वेच्छया बाधा डालेगा, वह दोनों में से किसी भाँति के कारावास से, जिसकी अवधि तीन मास तक की हो सकेगी, या जुर्माने से, जो पाँच सौ रुपये तक का हो सकेगा, या दोनों से, दण्डित किया जाएगा।

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