Manoj Narula v. Union of India

 Manoj Narula v. Union of India - Supreme Court Important Judgment 2015 -  Case Law Case Summary


On 27th August, 2014, in the case of Manoj Narula v. Union of India [Writ Petition (Civil) No. 289 of 2005], while dealing with the issue of choice of Ministers, a Constitution Bench per majority held that "it can always be legitimately expected, regard being had to the role of a Minister in the Council of Ministers and keeping in view the sanctity of oath he takes, the Prime Minister, while living up to the trust reposed in him, would consider not choosing a person with criminal antecedents against whom charges have been framed for heinous or serious criminal offences or charges of corruption to become a Minister of the Council of Ministers. This is what the Constitution suggests and that is the constitutional expectation from the Prime Minister. Rest has to be left to the wisdom of the Prime Minister."


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