M/s Sciemed Overseas Inc. vs BOC India Limited - Supreme Court

 M/s Sciemed Overseas Inc. vs BOC India Limited - Supreme Court Important Judgment 2016 - 


On 11th January, 2016, in the case of M/s Sciemed Overseas Inc. vs BOC India Limited & Ors. [SLP © No. 29125 of 2008], while examining the question as to whether the High Court was correct in imposing costs of Rs.10 lakhs on the petitioner for filing a false or misleading affidavit in the Court, the Bench held that “the imposition of costs, although somewhat steep, was fully justified”

The Bench observed that “a global search of cases pertaining to the filing of a false affidavit indicates that the number of such cases that are reported has shown an alarming increase in the last fifteen years as compared to the number of such cases prior to that. This ' is illustrative of the malaise that is slowly but surely creeping in. This ‘trend’ is certainly an unhealthy one that should be strongly discouraged, well before the filing of false affidavits gets to be treated as a routine and normal affair.”


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