Parag Bhati vs State of Uttar Pradesh Supreme Court 2016

 Parag Bhati (Juvenile) thrgh. Legal Guardian Mother-Smt. Rajni Bhati vs State of Uttar Pradesh - Supreme Court Important Judgment 2016 - 

On 12th May, 2016, in the case of Parag Bhati (Juvenile) thrgh. Legal GuardianMother-Smt. Rajni Bhati vs State of Uttar Pradesh and Anr. [Criminal Appeal No. 486 of 2016], it was held that the benefit of the principle of benevolent legislation attached to the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 would “apply to only such cases wherein the accused is held to be a juvenile on the basis of at least prima facie evidence regarding his minority as the benefit of the possibilities of two views in regard to the age of the alleged accused who is involved in grave and serious offence which he committed and gave effect to it in a well-planned manner reflecting his maturity of mind rather than innocence indicating that his plea of juvenility is more in the nature of a shield to dodge or dupe the arms of law, cannot be allowed to come to his rescue.”


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