Article 4 of Indian Constitution

Article 4 in The Indian Constitution

Laws made under Articles 2 and 3 to provide for the amendment of the First and the Fourth Schedules and supplemental, incidental and consequential matters
(1) Any law referred to in Article 2 or Article 3 shall contain such provisions for the amendment of the First Schedule and the Fourth Schedule as may be necessary to give effect to the provisions of the law and may also contain such supplemental, incidental and consequential provisions (including provisions as to representation in Parliament and in the Legislature or Legislatures of the State or States affected by such law) as Parliament may deem necessary
(2) No such law as aforesaid shall be deemed to be an amendment of this Constitution for the purposes of Article 368.

India's Important Case Laws and Landmark Judgments on Constitution of India i.e. Article 4 of Indian Constitution:
Sri Abdul Wajid vs Sri A S Onkarappa on 27 December, 2010 - Karnataka High Court
Maharana Shri Jayvantsinghji vs The State Of Gujrat on 22 December, 1961 - Supreme Court of India
In Re: Abdul Razak A. Meman, In Re: vs Unknown on 9 May, 2005 - Authority Tribunal
Kesavananda Bharati vs State Of Kerala And Anr on 24 April, 1973 - Supreme Court of India
Commissioner Of Income-Tax vs Shanti K. Maheshwari on 17 September, 1957 - Bombay High Court
The State Of Tripura vs The Province Of East Bengalunion on 20 December, 1950 - Supreme Court of India
In Re: Cyril Eugene Pereira vs Unknown on 19 May, 1999 - Authority Tribunal
State Of Bihar & Anr vs Bal Mukund Sah & Ors on 14 March, 2000 - Supreme Court of India
Abp Private Limited, Manipal vs United News Of India (Uni) And Ors. on 21 January, 2008 - Company Law Board
State Of Bihar & Anr vs Bal Mukund Sah & Ors on 14 March, 2000 - Supreme Court of India 


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