Article 35 Constitution of India

Article 35 in The Indian Constitution

Legislation to give effect to the provisions of this Part Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution,
(a) Parliament shall have, and the Legislature of a State shall not have, power to make laws
(i) with respect to any of the matters which under clause ( 3 ) of Article 16, clause ( 3 ) of Article 32, Article 33 and Article 34 may be provided for by law made by Parliament; and
(ii) for prescribing punishment for those acts which are declared to be offences under this Part; and Parliament shall, as soon as may be after the commencement of this Constitution, make laws for prescribing punishment for the acts referred to in sub clause (ii);
(b) any law in force immediately before the commencement of this Constitution in the territory of India with respect to any of the matters referred to in sub clause (i) of clause (a) or providing for punishment for any act referred to in sub clause (ii) of that clause shall, subject to the terms there of and to any adaptations and modifications that may be made therein under Article 372, continue in force until altered or repealed or amended by Parliament Explanation In this article, the expression law in force has the same meaning as in Article 372

India's Important Case Laws and Landmark Judgments on Constitution of India i.e. Article 35 of Indian Constitution:
Gopi Krishna Das And Anr. vs Anil Bose on 23 July, 1964 - Calcutta High Court
Deepak Prakash vs The State Of Jharkhand, Secretary on 17 August, 2007 - Jharkhand High Court
Darbari Singh Saini vs The Board Of Revenue, U.P. At on 12 April, 1972 - Allahabad High Court
The Indian Stamps Act, 1899 - Law Commission Report
M/S. Bilal Ahmad Sherwani And vs State Of Uttar Pradesh And Others on 13 December, 1991 - Allahabad High Court
In Re: Indian Stamp Act, Ii Of 1899 vs Unknown on 28 August, 1951 - Bombay High Court
Sohan Singh vs State on 11 October, 1971 - Jammu & Kashmir High Court
Sampat Prakash vs State Of Jammu & Kashmir & Anr on 10 October, 1968 - Supreme Court of India
East India Hotels Ltd. (The) And vs State And Ors. on 5 January, 2007 - Rajasthan High Court
Shri Rajinder Kumar vs Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd on 3 August, 2015 - Delhi High Court 


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