Section 35 IPC in Hindi and English


Section 35 IPC in Hindi and English

Section 35 of IPC 1860:-When such an act is criminal by reason of its being done with a criminal knowledge or intention —

Whenever an act, which is criminal only by reason of its being done with a criminal knowledge or intention, is done by several persons, each of such persons who joins in the act with such knowledge or intention is liable for the act in the same manner as if the act were done by him alone with that knowledge or intention.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments Related to Section 35 of Indian Penal Code 1860: 

Keshub Mahindra vs State Of M.P on 13 September, 1996

C.B.I vs Keshub Mahindra on 11 May, 2011

State Of Orissa vs Choudhuri Nayak(Dead)Thr. L.Rs on 20 August, 2010

Anda And Ors. vs The State Of Rajasthan on 9 March, 1965

Charan Lal Sahu Etc. Etc vs Union Of India And Ors on 22 December, 1989

State Of U.P vs Mata Bhikha And Others on 9 March, 1994

Tanviben Pankajkumar Divetia vs State Of Gujarat on 6 May, 1997

Union Of India & Ors vs Sunil Kumar Sarkar on 28 February, 2001

Babulal Bhagwan Khandare & Anr vs State Of Maharashtra on 2 December, 2004

Y. Venkaiah vs State Of A.P on 3 March, 2009

आईपीसी, 1860 (भारतीय दंड संहिता) की धारा 35 का विवरण - जबकि ऐसा कार्य इस कारण आपराधिक है कि वह आपराधिक ज्ञान या आशय से किया गया है -

जब कभी कोई कार्य, जो आपराधिक ज्ञान या आशय से किए जाने के कारण ही आपराधिक है, कई व्यक्तियों द्वारा किया जाता है, तब ऐसे व्यक्तियों में से हर व्यक्ति, जो ऐसे ज्ञान या आशय से उस कार्य में सम्मिलित होता है, उस कार्य के लिए उसी प्रकार दायित्व के अधीन है, मानो वह कार्य उस ज्ञान या आशय से अकेले उसी द्वारा किया गया हो।

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