Narendra vs K. Meena - Supreme Court Important Judgment

Narendra vs K. Meena - Supreme Court Important Judgment 2016 - 

On 6th October, 2016, in the case of Narendra vs K. Meena [Civil Appeal No.3253 of 2008], while negating the opinion of the High Court, that the wife has a legitimate expectation to see that the income of her husband is used for her and not for the family members of the husband, the Court observed that “a son, brought up and given education by his parents, has a moral and legal obligation to take care and maintain the parents, when they become old and when they have either no income or have a meagre income.” “In India, generally people do not subscribe to the western thought, where, upon getting married or attaining majority, the son gets separated from the family” and “a son maintaining his parents is absolutely normal in Indian culture and ethos.” It was held that “if a wife makes an attempt to deviate from the normal practice and normal custom of the society, she must have some justifiable reason for that.”

Observing that in the instant case, there was no “justifiable reason, except monetary consideration of the Respondent wife”, the Court held that, normally, “no husband would tolerate this and no son would like to be separated from his old parents and other family members, who are also dependent upon his income”, and “the persistent effort of the Respondent wife to constrain” the husband “to be separated from the family” was “torturous for the husband” and “the trial Court was right when it came to the conclusion that this constitutes an act of ‘cruelty’.


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