Krishna Veni Nagam vs Harish Nagam - Supreme Court

 Krishna Veni Nagam vs Harish Nagam - Supreme Court Important Judgment 2017 - 


 On 9th March, 2017, in the case of Krishna Veni Nagam vs Harish Nagam [Transfer Petition (Civil) No.1912 of 2014], it was directed that “in matrimonial or custody matters or in proceedings between parties to a marriage or arising out of disputes between parties to a marriage, wherever the defendants/respondents are located outside the jurisdiction of the court, the court where proceedings are instituted, may examine whether it is in the interest of justice to incorporate any safeguards for ensuring that summoning of defendant/respondent does not result in denial of justice.” It was further directed that “order incorporating such safeguards may be sent along with the summons. The safeguards can be:- i) Availability of video conferencing facility; ii) Availability of legal aid service; iii) Deposit of cost for travel, lodging and boarding in terms of Order XXV CPC; and iv) E-mail address/phone number, if any, at which litigant from out station may communicate.” 


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