U. Manjunath Rao vs U. Chandrashekar - Supreme Court

 U. Manjunath Rao vs U. Chandrashekar - Supreme Court Important Judgment 2017 - 


On 4th August, 2017, in the case of U. Manjunath Rao v. U. Chandrashekar & Anr. [Civil Appeal No.9951 of 2017], it was held that the judgment of the appellate court has to state the reasons for the decision. It was held that “by no stretch of imagination it can be stated that the first appellate court can quote passages from the trial court judgment and thereafter pen few lines and express the view that there is no reason to differ with the trial Court judgment. That is not the statement of law expressed by the Court.”

 It was further held that “the first appellate court has a defined role and its judgment should show application of mind and reflect the reasons on the basis of which it agrees with the trial Court. There has to be an “expression of opinion” in the proper sense of the said phrase. It cannot be said that mere concurrence meets the requirement of law. Needless to say, it is one thing to state that the appeal is without any substance and it is another thing to elucidate, analyse and arrive at the conclusion that the appeal is devoid of merit.” 


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