Karma Dorjee vs Union of India - Supreme Court

 Karma Dorjee & Ors. vs Union of India - Supreme Court Important Judgment 2016 - 

On 14th December, 2016, in the case of Karma Dorjee & Ors. vs Union of India and Ors. [Writ Petition(Civil) No.103 of 2014], a three Judge Bench observed that “monitoring of instances of racial discrimination involving citizens from the north-eastern states involves among other things issues pertaining to law enforcement. However, the involvement of the law enforcement machinery is alone not sufficient to resolve the problem. Mind-sets have to be changed including in the universities, colleges and educational institutions, places of work and in society. Sensitivity and inclusion have to be fostered. In order to achieve this, greater awareness of the history and the rich cultural traditions of the north-east is required to be inculcated. The problems faced by persons from the north-east traverse a whole range of issues, from the mundane issues of daily life to matters of education, employment, social security and the fundamental right to live in dignity. The Governments, both at the centre and the states have a nonnegotiable obligation to take positive steps to give effect to India's commitment to racial equality. This commitment is embodied in constitutional rights, fundamental duties, statutory provisions and in the international obligations which have been assumed by India.”

 The Union Government in the Ministry of Home Affairs was accordingly directed to “take proactive steps to monitor the redressal of issues pertaining to racial discrimination faced by citizens of the nation drawn from the north-east” and for that purpose, it was directed that a regular exercise of monitoring and redressal be “carried out by a Committee consisting of the Joint Secretary (North-east), Ministry of Home Affairs; and two other members to be nominated by the Union Government (one of whom should be a public figure).”


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