Section 10 IPC in Hindi and English

 Section 10 IPC in Hindi and English

धारा 10 का विवरण - पुरुष। स्त्री।

भारतीय दंड संहिता की धारा 10 के अनुसार, “पुरुष” शब्द किसी भी आयु के मानव नर का द्योतक है; “स्त्री” शब्द किसी भी आयु की मानव नारी का द्योतक है।

Section 10 of IPC 1860:-   “Man” “Woman”

The word “man” denotes a male human being of any age; the word “woman” denotes a female human being of any age.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments Related to Section 10 of Indian Penal Code 1860: 

State Of West Bengal vs S. K. Ghosh on 16 April, 1962

R. Pandian And Anothera. vs State Of Tamil Nadu on 21 October, 1997

A. Deivendran vs State Of T.N. on 21 October, 1997

State Of Punjab vs Major Singh on 28 April, 1966

Mohan & Ors vs State Of Tamil Nadu on 12 May, 1998

Mohan & Ors vs State Of Tamil Nadu on 12 May, 1998

Amarinder Singh vs Parkash Singh Badal & Ors on 14 May, 2009

Md.Ankoos & Ors vs Pub.Pros.High Court Of A.P. on 6 November, 2009

Santosh Kumari vs State Of J & K & Ors on 13 September, 2011

Raghubir Singh vs Gen.Manager,Haryana on 3 September, 2014


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