Section 42 The Transfer of Property Act, 1882


 Section 42 The Transfer of Property Act, 1882: 

Transfer by person having authority to revoke former transfer.—Where a person transfers any immoveable property, reserving power to revoke the transfer, and subsequently transfers the property for consideration to another transferee, such transfer operates in favour of such transferee (subject to any condition attached to the exercise of the power) as a revocation of the former transfer to the extent of the power. Illustration A lets a house to B, and reserves power to revoke the lease if, in the opinion of a specified surveyor, B should make a use of it detrimental to its value. Afterwards A, thinking that such a use has been made, lets the house to C. This operates as a revocation of B’s lease subject to the opinion of the surveyor as to B’s use of the house having been detrimental to its value.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Leading Case Law Related to Section 42 The Transfer of Property Act, 1882: 

State Of West Bengal vs Singell Tea And Agricultural on 31 March, 1993

Vinodchandra Sakarlal Kapadia vs State Of Gujarat . on 15 June, 2020

Shanti Sports Club & Anr vs Union Of India & Ors on 25 August, 2009

Kunjukutty Sahib Etc. Etc vs State Of Kerala & Anr on 26 April, 1972

Kripa Mangal Karyalaya & Ors vs Nagpur Municipal Corporation & on 12 February, 2015

Shyam Lal vs Deepa Dass Chela Ram Chela Garib on 27 February, 2015

State Of Uttar Pradesh vs Kunwar Sri Trivikram Narain Singh on 22 August, 1961

G.T. Girish vs Y Subba Raju (D) By Lrs on 18 January, 2022

Jugalkishore Saraf vs Raw Cotton Co. Ltd on 7 March, 1955

Vasantkumar Radhakisan Vora vs Board Of Trustees Of The Port Of on 21 August, 1990

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