Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins Book

 Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins

On internet and specially on Youtube I have come across David Goggins videos about physical training and mental strength umpteen times. Three days back I was just coming out of Metro station and their I saw the book by David Goggins "Can't Hurt Me". I thought I must read this book. So I started reading that book on the same day. Book cover itself reflects the transformation of David Goggins physically but as you go through this wonderful book you will come to know that before showing any physical changes you need to transform mentally. Book is divided into 11 chapters and  there are 10 challenges for you to take if you want to transformation in your life that may be physical, mental or any other.  

Can't Hurt Me is the life story of David Goggins and its about pain and change, victories and failures also much more. As you go through the story of Goggins you may sometime feel that whatever he has accomplished is impossible for a common person but as Goggins has put it again and again in this book that anyone can achieve greatness with hardwork and persistence. I just completed this book and I loved reading this book by a Navy Seal and Ultra Marathoner. 

As Henry Ford famously said - When You Think You Can and When You Think You Can't in both the situation You are Right.

Keep Working, Keep Improving, One Step at a time.


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