Reading books & watching videos in 2022

Learning is the true meaning of life. Human being is a lifelong learner whether through personal experiences or through the experiences of others. One may prefer 1st choice of learning and another may opt for 2nd option but every person around is sum total of 1st + 2nd method, which may be blend of two in differing combinations.

Language since time immemorial has been a source to us for indirect learning about others. Our forefathers were expert storytellers and then came writing. Earlier writing on parchment or papers and then with printing machine human experience have changed with passage of time. Oral tradition of story telling got support from written / printed material, which can be used by posterity without much change which was not possible in oral tradition.

At the advent of 21st century, digital age knocked our door. This has brought many new things which one may consider positive or negative. People talk about digital age that now human is suffering from information overload. That is true but we can always manage such situation with self restraint. Abundance is always better than scarcity if you can employ your mind muscle to self control or restraint. With the digital age now we can learn through digital books or video globally. So in case of books new technologies have made it possible for books and things to go globally just by a click of mouse. Similarly in case of videos now the oral tradition has reinvented itself and if someone is telling a story on a camera then it can be saved for entire posterity, which was not possible in earlier time.  

I consider my self with humility that I am a life long learner and I am getting benefit of technologies to learn so much, which would not have been possible if technologies would not have been around us.

I try to read books which may be paper book or digital one. Similarly I also like to learn from digital world by watching videos, which is helping me grow and learn a lot on daily basis. I will regularly updating about the books I have read, books I am reading and books I will read in upcoming posts. I will also share useful resources related to video learning.

How is life going on your side. 


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