Sunil Gupta vs State of Madhya Pradesh - Handcuffing and parading of offenders

Sunil Gupta vs State of Madhya Pradesh Case Point:

In the case of Sunil Gupta vs State of M.P. the petitioners were educated persons and social workers, who were remanded to judicial custody were taken to court from jail and back from court to the prison by the escort party handcuffed. They had staged a dharna for a public cause and voluntarity submitted themselves for arrest. They had no tendency to escape from the jail. In fact, they even refused to come out on bail but chose to continue in prison of the public cause. It was held that this act of the escort party was violative of article 21 of the Indian Constitution. There was no reason recorded by the escort party in writing for this inhuman act. The Court directed to the Government to take appropriate action against the erring escort party for having unjustly and unreasonably handcuffing the petitioner.

Constitution of India, 1950 - Article 32 - Handcuffing and parading  of offenders; escort party to record and  intimate reasons for imposing fetters--Obtain Court Orders.


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