Prosecution of a Judge - K Veeraswami Case

Prosecution of a judge:
In K. Veeraswami case, a five judge constitution bench of Supreme Court held that a Judge of a Supreme Court or High Court can be prosecuted and convicted for criminal misconduct. In this case Veeraswami who was a retired Chief Justice of Madras High Court was prosecuted under The Prevention of Corruption Act. Veeraswami pleaded that a judge can not be prosecuted. The only remedy available against him is that provided in Article 124 of Indian Constitution i.e. Impeachment.

Supreme Court rejected his plea. Article 124 is not a shield conferring immunity to a judge from being prosecuted on a charge of corruption.

Citation / Relevant Case Law:K. Veeraswami vs Union of India 1991 3 SCC 655


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