Section 82 Code on Social Security, 2020

 Section 82 Code on Social Security, 2020 :

Section 82    National Social Security Board and State Unorganised Workers’ Board. 

Notice and claim.

(1) No claim for compensation shall be entertained by a competent authority unless notice of the accident has been given in the manner hereinafter provided as soon as practicable after the happening thereof and unless the claim is preferred before him within two years of the occurrence of the accident or, in case of death, within two years from the date of death:

Provided that where the accident is the contracting of a disease in respect of which the provisions of sub-section (3) of section 74 are applicable, the accident shall be deemed to have occurred on the first of the days during which the employee was continuously absent from work in consequence of the disablement caused by the disease:

Provided further that in case of partial disablement due to the contracting of any such disease and which does not force the employee to absent himself from work, the period of two years shall be counted from the day the employee gives notice of the disablement to his employer:

Provided also that if an employee who, having been employed in an employment for a continuous period specified under sub-section (3) of section 74 in respect of that employment, ceases to be so employed and develops symptoms of an occupational disease peculiar to that employment within two years of the cessation of employment, the accident shall be deemed to have occurred on the day on which the symptoms were first detected.

(2) The want of or any defect or irregularity, in a notice given under sub-section (1), shall not be a bar to the entertainment of a claim—

(a) if the claim is preferred in respect of the death of an employee resulting from an accident which occurred on the premises of the employer, or at any place where the employee at the time of the accident was working under the control of the employer or of any person employed by him, and the employee died on such premises or at such place, or on any premises belonging to the employer, or died without having left the vicinity of the premises or place where the accident occurred, or

(b) if the employer or any one of several employers or any person responsible to the employer for the management of any branch of the trade or business in which the injured employee was employed had knowledge of the accident from any other source at or about the time when it occurred:

Provided that the competent authority may entertain and decide any claim to compensation in any case notwithstanding that the notice has not been given, or the claim has not been preferred in due time as provided under sub-section (1), if he is satisfied that the failure so to give the notice or prefer the claim, as the case may be, was due to sufficient cause.

(3) Every such notice shall give the name and address of the person injured and shall state the cause of the injury and the date on which the accident happened, and shall be served on the employer or upon any one of several employers, or upon any person responsible to the employer for the management of any branch of the trade or business in which the injured employee was employed.

(4) The appropriate Government may require that any class of employers as may be prescribed by that Government shall maintain, at their premises at which employees are employed, a notice-book, in such form as may be prescribed by that Government, which shall be readily accessible at all reasonable times to any injured employee employed on the premises and to any person acting bona fide on his behalf.

(5) A notice under this section may be served by delivering it at, or sending it by registered post addressed to, the residence or any office or place of business of the person on whom it is to be served, or where possible, electronically or, where a notice-book is maintained, by entry in the notice-book.

Section 82  The Code on Social Security, 2020 in Hindi / कोड ऑन वेजेस / धारा 82 सामाजिक सुरक्षा संहिता 2020 [ सोशल सिक्‍योरिटी कोड 2020 ] का विवरण : -,%202020%20Bill%20Text%20Hindi.pdf

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