Section 16 Prevention of Corruption Act,1988


Section 16 Prevention of Corruption Act,1988 in Hindi and English 

Section 16 Prevention of Corruption Act,1988 :जहाँ धारा 13 को उपधारा (2) या धारा 14 के अधीन अर्थदंड अधिरोपित किया जाना है तो दंड आदेश जारी करने वाला न्यायालय, उस सम्पति का मूल्य, यदि कोई है जिसे अभियुक्त व्यक्ति ने अपराध में उपार्जित किया है या जहां धारा 13 की उपधारा (1) के खंड (ड) में वर्णित अपराध के लिए सिद्धदोष होता है तो उस खंड में वर्णित अथवा धन संबंधी स्त्रोत जिसके संबंध में अभियुक्त समाधानप्रद विवरण नहीं दे सका है, विचार में ले सकेगा।

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Case Law Related to Section 16 of Prevention of Corruption Act,1988 :

K. Veeraswami vs Union Of India And Others on 25 July, 1991

Vinod Chandra Semwal vs Spl.Police Establisghment on 24 February, 2015

State Of Maharashtra vs Tapas D. Neogy on 16 September, 1999

State Of Haryana And Ors vs Ch. Bhajan Lal And Ors on 21 November, 1990

V.S. Achuthanandan vs R. Balakrishna Pillai & Ors on 10 February, 2011

State Of Haryana vs N. C. Tandon on 14 April, 1977

Nevada Properties Pvt. Ltd. vs The State Of Maharashtra on 24 September, 2019

State (Spe Hyderabad) vs Air Commodore Kailash Chand on 21 December, 1979

State Of Uttar Pradesh & Ors vs Surinder Pal Singh on 31 January, 1989

N.Naveen Kumar & Ors vs State Of A.P on 17 October, 2008

 भ्रष्टाचार निवारण अधिनियम 1988 की धारा 16 का विवरण :  - Where a sentence of fine is imposed under sub- section (2) of section 13 or section 14, the court in fixing the amount of the fine shall take into consideration the amount or the value of the property, if any, which the accused person has obtained by committing the offence or where the conviction is for an offence referred to in clause (e) of sub- section (1) of section 13, the pecuniary resources or property referred to in that clause for which the accused person is unable to account satisfactorily. 

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