Important Supreme Court Judgments on Criminal Law

 Important Supreme Court Judgments on Criminal Law:

Sundeep Kumar Bafna vs State of Maharashtra & Anr Supreme Court Case Citation (2014) 16 SCC 623 - Important Judgment  on Section 24 CrPC i.e. Role of Public Prosecutor and Private Counsel in Prosecution.

Muthurmalingam vs State Represented by Inspector of Police - Leading case on Section 31 and 427 of CRPC and Section 53 and 300 of Indian Penal Code. Issue in this case was whether multiple life sentences can directed to run consecutively to a convict. Court held the life imprisonment means imprisonment till end of the normal life of convict. Multiple life imprisonments will be superimposed and run concurrently. 

Dr. Rini Johar vs State of Madhya Pradesh - On Section 41 CRPC

Arvind Kejriwal vs State of Uttar Pradesh - Section 88 CRPC

Rajdeep Sardesai vs State of Andhra Pradesh - Section 99 CRPC

Smt Munni Bai vs Bhanwarilal - Section 125 CRPC

Shamima Farooqui vs Shahid Khan - Section 125 CRPC

Nagendrappa Natikar vs Neelamma - Section 125 to 128 CRPC

Chetan Anand Prashar alias Rahul Sharma vs State of U.P. - Section 125 CRPC


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