Section 84 IPC in Hindi

 Section 84 IPC in Hindi and English

Section 84 of IPC 1860:- Act of a person of unsound mind -

Nothing is an offence which is done by a person who, at the time of doing it, by reason of unsoundness of mind, is incapable of knowing the nature of the act, or that he is doing what is either wrong or contrary to law.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments And Case Law Related to Section 84 of Indian Penal Code 1860:

Surendra Mishra vs State Of Jharkhand on 6 January, 2011

Bapu @ Gajraj Singh vs State Of Rajasthan on 4 June, 2007

Sudhakaran vs State Of Kerala on 26 October, 2010

Elavarasan vs State Rep.By Inspector Of Police on 5 July, 2011

State Of Rajasthan vs Shera Ram @ Vishnu Dutta on 1 December, 2011

Ratanlal vs State Of Madhya Pradesh on 17 December, 1970

State Of Madhya Pradesh vs Ahmadullah on 25 January, 1961

Shrikant Anandrao Bhosale vs State Of Maharashtra on 26 September, 2002

Siddhapal Kamala Yadav vs State Of Maharashtra on 13 October, 2008

Ratan Lal vs The State Of Madhya Pradesh on 17 December, 1970

आईपीसी, 1860 (भारतीय दंड संहिता) की धारा 84 का विवरण -  विकृतचित्त व्यक्ति का कार्य -

कोई बात अपराध नहीं है जो ऐसे व्यक्ति द्वारा की जाती है, जो उसे करते समय चित्त-विकृति के कारण उस कार्य की प्रकृति, या यह कि जो कुछ वह कर रहा है वह दोषपूर्ण या विधि के प्रतिकूल है, जानने में असमर्थ है।

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