Section 6 IPC in Hindi and English

 Section 6 IPC in Hindi and English

धारा 6 का विवरण - संहिता में की परिभाषाओं का अपवादों के अध्यधीन समझा जाना

भारतीय दंड संहिता की धारा 6 के अनुसार, इस संहिता में सर्वत्र, अपराध की हर परिभाषा, हर दण्ड उपबंध और हर ऐसी परिभाषा या दण्ड उपबंध का हर दृष्टांत, “साधारण अपवाद शीर्षक वाले अध्याय में अन्तर्विष्ट अपवादों के अध्यधीन समझा जाएगा, चाहे उन अपवादों को ऐसी परिभाषा, दण्ड उपबंध या दृष्टांत में दुहराया न गया हो।

Section 6 of IPC 1860:- Definitions in the Code to be understood subject to exceptions

Throughout this Code every definition of an offence, every penal provision and every illustration of every such definition or penal provision, shall be understood subject to the exceptions contained in the Chapter entitled “General Exceptions”, though those exceptions are not repeated in such definition, penal provision, or illustration.


The sections, in this Code, which contain definitions of offences, do not express that a child under seven years of age cannot commit such offences; but the definitions are to be understood subject to the general exception which provides that nothing shall be an offence which done by child under seven years of age.

A, a police-officer, without warrant, apprehends Z who has committed murder. Here A is not guilty of the offence of wrongful confinement; for he was bound by law to apprehend Z, and therefore the case falls within the general exception which provides that “nothing is an offence which is done by a person who is bound by law to do it”.

Supreme Court of India Important Judgments Related to Section 6 of Indian Penal Code 1860: 

Daulat Ram vs The State Of Haryana on 11 August, 1972

Kartar Singh vs State Of Punjab on 11 March, 1994

Kamroonissa vs The State Of Maharashtra on 4 October, 1974

State Of West Bengal vs S. K. Ghosh on 16 April, 1962

Abhinandan Jha & Ors vs Dinesh Mishra on 17 April, 1967

The State Of Bihar vs M. Homi And Another on 24 March, 1955

Mahesh Prasad vs The State Of Uttar Pradesh on 29 October, 1954

Shankar Narayan Bhadolkar vs State Of Maharashtra on 9 March, 2004

Gopi Nath Ghosh vs State Of West Bengal on 11 November, 1983

Usmanbhai Dawoodbhai Menon & Ors. vs State Of Gujarat on 14 March, 1988


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