What UAPA Means?

 The question is What UAPA means?

It means Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. It is an act passed by Parliament of India and applicable across the length and breadth of country. UAPA was enacted in 1967 but scope of this act was expanded in later years through various amendments. Act contains total 53 sections and 3 schedules.

UAPA 1967

Chapter 1 - Section 1 to Section 2 of the UAPA 1967 ( Preliminary) deals with short title, extent and definitions used in the act. 

Chapter 2 - Section 3 to Section 9 of the UAPA 1967  deals with Unlawful Associations.

Chapter 3 - Section 10 to Section 14 of the UAPA 1967  deals with Offences and Penalties.

Chapter 4 - Section 15 to Section 23 of the UAPA 1967  deals with Punishment for Terrorist Activities.

Chapter 5 - Section 24 to Section 34 of the UAPA 1967  deals with forfeiture of proceeds of  terrorism or an property intended to be used for terrorism.

Chapter 6 - Section 35 to Section 40 of the UAPA 1967  deals with Terrorist Organizations.

Chapter 7 - Section 41 to Section 53 of the UAPA 1967  deals with Miscellaneous provisions.

In additions to 53 sections there are three schedules in UAPA Act 1967.

Main amendment in the Act

Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment Act 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2019.

One can visit Indiacode.nic.in for which is government portal for Indian Laws or non governmental website on Indian Laws i.e. IndianKanoon.org.


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