Concepts of Constitution - Historical Perspective

 Concepts  of Constitution - Historical Perspective :- 

In political terms a  constitution comprises the basic principles of the political system under which the people of a state are to be governed. It determines such matters as the composition power and procedure of the the Legislature, executive and judiciary the the appointment of of officers and the structure of office which authorise Express and midiate the exercise of power. In general terms constitution consists of a set of right power and procedures the regulate on the one hand the relationship between public authorities in any state and one The Other between the public authorities and individual citizens more countries have a written constitution with define the relationship the United Kingdom UK a and Israel are notable for not having such a written constitution written constitution however require to be supplemented by other sources. 

World in any document need to be intercepted and constitutional practice may require amendment over time. Thus judicial decision custom Convention and even authoritative textbook may provide guidance and regulation and may therefore be side to be a part of a countries's constitution. We make classify constitution in a number of different way according to to whether they are federal ( Australia the United State of America) aur unitary( the UK France) according to whether they exhibit a separation of power( the UK France) rounding to whether they exhibit a separation of power( as in the US) aur France off power( as in the UK) aur according to whether the employ some device for Judicial review( as does the the federal Republic of Germany) aur have the special procedure of repealing constitutional law( as in Switzerland) 

It is possible to affect constitutional control in the number of ways but the most common method in in countries with a written constitution is to provide for a constitutional Court of council which is is supposed to ensure that political institution confirm to constitution norms. Constitutional law refers to that aspect of a legal system and legal tradition which is directly concerned with intercepting and applying the the fundamental rules that defined and delimit the powers right and duties of government other Origins of the state and the citizens. A single written constitution document is not for course necessary to have constitutional law. Any stable political system must have a set of basic defining Law or constitution. In Britain neither formal constitution nor a a court specifically concerned with constitutional matters exist yet they are clear legal rule and practices restricting the action of political institutions granting right and enforcing duties.


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