Attorney General of India

Attorney General of India
Attorney General of India
Under the chapter on 'The Executive', the Constitution includes a provision (article 76) for the President appointing a person qualified to be a Supreme Court judge as the Attorney-General of India to advise the Government on legal matters and perform other duties of a legal nature as may be assigned.

The Attorney General of India holds office during the pleasure of the President. However, inasmuch as he is appointed on that with a change of Government, he submits his resignation.

The Attorney-General is the Chief Law Officer of the Government. He has the first right of audience in all courts in India. Also, he has the right to speak and take part in the proceedings of either House of Parliament without a right to vote. He is not a full-time officer of the House nor is he a member of the Cabinet as in U.K. Also, he is not barred from from private practice except that he cannot advise or hold briefs against the Government of India. 

[ Excerpts from Our Constitution - An Introduction to India's Constitution and Constitutional Law - Subhash C. Kashyap ]


  1. General of Asian country to advise the govt on legal matters and perform different duties of a legal nature as could also be appointed.The lawyer General of Asian country holds workplace throughout the pleasure of the President. However, inasmuch as he's appointed on it with a amendment of state, he submits his resignation.The Attorney-General is that the Chief peace officer of the govt. He has the primary right of audience all told courts in Asian country.


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